Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chips 'n Dip!

BRAVO for this dip!  If you love spinach dip, but hate counting the points, I have the answer to your snacking prayers.  <<Insert drumroll here>>

I have been eating this with carrot chips making this my new party dip.  Serve it with bell peppers, carrots, or your favorite chip (if you want to count the points).  Now...besides the flavor...guess why it earned a bravo?  ONE WWpt+ for 2 Tablespoons!!!!  Amazing!  You can eat 1/2 cup for only 4 points!  The Greek yogurt gives you more protein and more calcium!  It is available at Trader Joe's!

I have a recipe for a satisfying comfort food to share with you in my next post.  Stay tuned!!!

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