Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I went to lunch today with a friend.  I had a coupon for Camille's Sidewalk Cafe here in Lancaster.  I found out that their menu is on Weight Watchers' e-tools.

I looked and sure enough...there it was.

I also learned that they are a franchise with locations across the country.  The food is fresh and tasty.  If you live near a Camille's, stop in.  Check out your e-tools!

Camille's Sidewalk Cafe

Cuties are in season!

Cuties, or clementines, are in season and delicious.  Just picked up a bag of them at Walmart.  Great snacks for kids for school, because they are easy to peel, nutritious, and hydrating.


Here is the link to Sun Pacific's website!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Corned Beef and Cabbage...and no blarney!

This turned out really well.  The corned beef was already seasoned, so that helped.  This is my first time making it myself.  

As I said yesterday, the girl at TJ's said they just sauteed it.  I drizzled a little olive oil in the fry pan.  I cut up the potatoes and dropped them in.  Potatoes take longer, so I let them cook for a bit.  I stirred them around so they wouldn't burn.  I put a lid over the pan after I poured in a cup of water.  When the potatoes were hot, but still hard, I poured in a cup of chicken broth, then added the corned beef.  I had cut it up in about 1 oz. chunks (easier to count the points that way).  I let that cook until the potatoes were tender, but not done.  I cut up the cabbage and put it on top.  The cabbage steamed atop the corned beef and potatoes under the lid.

The meat melted in our mouths, the potatoes were perfect, and the cabbage was al dente!  I just added a bit of salt and pepper to mine.

There were 3 potatoes and the corned beef was 1lb. 7oz.  The entire skillet was 35 points.  There are about 7 servings in the pan.  Of course, you cannot load up on just meat or just potatoes and get the right point value!  I made sure I had more cabbage than anything, then equal parts of meat and potatoes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Alert!

I haven't posted in the past few weeks, because I have been super busy and have not felt inspired.  Inspiration has returned!

Trader Joe's has yummy corned beef brisket.  Brisket is normally very fatty, so I would never even consider it as a viable WW choice because I wouldn't want to spend the points.  Well, this brisket is only 1 WWP+ for an ounce!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is also fully cooked, so it really is just heat and eat.

I asked the girl at the sampling station at my TJ's how she prepares it.  I know you can make it in a crock pot or stock pot.  Anyway, she said that they saute it in olive oil with potato and cabbage.  I am going to do that for tomorrow.  I will post how it turned out!

If you haven't bought your brisket yet, I highly recommend this one!